Dam of the Top Group Winner Rules

Awarded to the owner of the Dam of the Top Show Curly-Coated Retriever based on, one point per dog beaten, at Group Placement level and above only

  1. Ownership
    1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA.
    2. The trophy must be returned in good condition, to the Rotating Trophy chair when asked, well before the next year’s CCRCA National Specialty.
    3. Only CCRCA Members are allowed to take possession of the trophy.
    4. All costs for shipping and engraving are the responsibility of the CCRCA.

  2. Specifications
    1. Any Curly-Coated Retriever is eligible to win this trophy.
    2. The trophy will be awarded at the annual CCRCA National Specialty.
    3. The Winning Curly-Coated Retrievers official AKC registered name with AKC and CCRCA titles will be engraved on the trophy, along with year won.

  3. A Keeper Plaque will be awarded to CCRCA members only
    1. If a Keeper plaque is wanted by a non-member the costs are that of the winner.
    2. Any additional plaques are also at the expense of the winner and need to be requested at the time that engraving specifications are determined.
    3. The Keeper Plaque will be engraved with the following text:
      "CCRCA Dam of the Top Group Winner, Year Won, Dogs official AKC name with any titles and honorifics as specified by the owner"