The Ann Brenner Best of Winners Award

2022 WD Tephra Far Beyond The Solar System FDC RATN CGC TKI
2021 WD Sun Devil Last of the Mojitos
2020 WD Cancelled due to COVID
2019 WB Tephra Edge of Winter
2018 WD FullCircle River Birch ByTheSea
2017 WB Caballus Jolly Joanna TD RN
2016 WB Riverwatch Do You Believe in Majic
2015 WD Pizzazz Ticket to Ride
2014 WB Skywatcher's Busy Bein' Fabulous
2013 WD Thunder Sarasota's Intrepid Thunderbolt JH CGC
2012 WB Softmaple Auror of Nyehyrst
2011 WD Kurlykreek Hudson's Mayhem
2010 WD Sun Devil Ive Gotta Feeling For CudyNCae
2009 WD Sun Devil Veni Vidi Vici of Hot Feet
2008 WB Laketower Laff in the Dark
2007 WB Cobbossee's Magda Worden
2006 WD Tumbleweed Who'll Stop the Rain
2005 WB Summerwind's Delight Of Kurly K
2004 WB Softmaple's Pheasant Dreams
2003 WB Acme Brandy Alexander
2002 WB Fairway Amazin Midnite Bash
2001 WB Softmaple Boyerie Int'l Dateline
2000 WB Blazeaway Snowdrift
1999 WB Acme Double Trouble
1998 WB Summerwinds Cool Runnings
1997 WB Goldenview Prairie Niterapsody
1996 WB Addidas Alpha Coca-Cola
1995 WB Tika's Tipitina Of Calpso
1994 WB Starview Rebel W'Out Duclaws
1993 WD Ranah's Bainbridge Meant To Be
1992 WD Aarowag's Spiral Attire
1991 WD Pasha N Charwin's Black Jack
1990 WB Aarowag's Aquila Home Body
1989 WB Ptarmigan Jollybodies Whirr
1988 WD Rockmeadow Deliverance
1987 WD Pasha's Rasin Kane V Wits End
1986 WB Karakul Nocturne CD
1985 WD Mayhem's Muddy Waters
1984 WB Karakul Molly Malone
1983 WD Karakul Keno
1982 WD Karakul Jedi CD WC
1981 WB Chancellor Of Nan-Kur
1980 WB Windpatch Nic Flo Tar MS
1979 WD Hie-On Mack MacLaig