Working Certificate Programs

The purpose of the Curly-Coated Retriever working certificate program is to foster and encourage the natural retrieving abilities of the breed. It is designed to prove effective use of nose, marking ability, swimming, perseverance and the ability to work with the handler.

The Working Certificate test (WC) shall consist of simple land and water tests, which will allow the basic natural ability of the Curly to be ascertained. The Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) test will test to a somewhat higher level of difficulty. The Working Certificate Qualified (WCQ) will not only test marking at the level expected of a finished dog, but also the ability to handle so as to determine trainability.

The Upland Working Certificate test (UWC) consists of four parts, a walk-up test for gun shyness; quartering, where the dog works a field with a hunting party consisting of two gunners, the handler, and the judges. This tests the dog's natural instinct to hunt while being under control. The third part is the blind, the dog is walked to the area where a bird has fallen out of the dogs sight and instructed to find the bird; the handler may encourage the dog with commands. The final test consists of trailing, which requires the dog to locate a bird by following a scent trail for from 40 to 70 yards.

Working Certificate Forms:

Application to Hold Working Certificate TestPDF

Verification Form PDF (to obtain a certificate for passing a test not conducted by the CCRCA)

Judge's Score SheetPDF

Working Certificate Test

Working Certificate GuidelinesPDF

Working Certificate RulesPDF

Working Certificate Test (WC) - Judges GuidelinesPDF

Upland Working Certificate RulesPDF

Upland Working Certificate Test (UWC) - Judges GuidelinesPDF