Retriever Titles:
What Do Those Letters Mean?

Field Champion/Amateur Field Champion Title

The titles below are reserved for only the best retrievers as they can only be earned by WINNING through competition. It is estimated that less than 1% of all retrievers have earned the FC/ AFC title. These are the dogs to look for in your pedigree!

AKC Hunt Test Titles

Hunt Test titles can be earned thorough the AKC, UKC and NAHRA. Hunt Tests are non-Competitive tests in which the dog (and handler) is measured against a standard. If the dog (and handler) meet the standard, a "pass" is earned. The AKC, UKC, and NAHRA Hunt Tests are designed to resemble actually hunting situations. Each organization has different requirements yet is equally difficult and resembles different hunting scenarios. Hunt Tests are the most popular field events. In December 2011, Curly Coated Retrievers are eligible to commpete in Spaniel Hunting Tests.

UKC Hunt Test Titles

The UKC offers a stake for beginning (Junior/Started) level dogs, but does not offer a title for this level. A started pass is worth 5 points.

Contributed by Joe Maher