Top Performer in Rally Obedience Trophy

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. A rotating commemorative trophy, the CCRCA Top Performer in Rally Obedience Trophy shall be awarded annually at the National Specialty to honor the top performing Curly-Coated Retriever in AKC Rally Obedience.
    2. In Memory of “Qwik” HRCH UH GRACH U-CD CH Sun Devil Seas Blazin' For Shore VCD2 UDX OM2 GN GO VER RM RAE MH MX MXJ MXF TKA CGC WCQ15 UWC. The first Rally Master titled Curly-Coated Retriever, Owned and Love by Aubrey LaCrosse.
    3. This trophy will be donated by Aubrey LaCrosse and owned by the CCRCA.

  2. Requirements
    1. The Owner must be a member of good standing of CCRCA and AKC.
    2. Awarded yearly eligibility year is Jan 1 through Dec 31.
    3. Any Curly-Coated Retriever registered with the AKC shall be eligible for the award.
    4. A dog is eligible to repeat as winner.
    5. In the event of a tie, the highest Rally level will take precedence over the lower levels.

  3. Nomination
    1. The Rotating Trophy Chair shall announce a call for nominations in the September/ October issue of the "Curly Commentator" or any other method that will call attention to the award.
    2. Any person may nominate a dog for the award by submitting a list of achievements with verifiable evidence to the Rotating Trophies Chair by January 31. Ordering an AKC report for that particular dog is preferred.
    3. The Rotating Trophy Committee shall seek to verify all reported accomplishments and in doing so, may ask the owner, handler (if different) or any others deemed appropriate for evidence verifying the reported accomplishments.

  4. Points earned:
  5. Novice 4 points
    Intermediate 6 points
    Advanced 8 points
    Excellant 10 points
    Master 12 points
    High Combined in trial (each) 5 points
    High triple Score in trial (each) 10 points
    Rally title (each)
    Including any #’s such as RM2, RAE3, RACH4
    10 points
        First 4 points
        Second 3 points
        Third 2 points
        Fourth 1 points