CCRCA Obedience Trophy Rules

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. The CCRCA Obedience Trophy shall be awarded to the curly-coated retriever who has the highest average regular obedience score in a given year with no less than three scores.
    2. The trophy will be awarded at the annual specialty of the CCRCA

  2. Eligibility
    1. Any curly-coated retriever registered with the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, or other generally recognized national registery in the United States of America shall be eligible for the trophy provided the owner is a member of the CCRCA.
    2. An animal is eligible to repeat as winner.

  3. Responsibilities of the Rotating Trophies Committee
    1. The Rotating Trophies Committee shall seek to verify all reported accomplishments, and in doing so, may ask the owner or any others deemed appropriate for evidence verifying the reported accomplishments.
    2. The committee chair shall forward all information acquired of the CCRCA and to the person in charge of the Club’s awards by March 1. If the specialty shall be scheduled before March 15, earlier notification shall be given.

  4. Ownership
    1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA
    2. The trophy must be returned to the CCRCA Trophy Chairman in good condition four weeks before the CCRCA Specialty to allow time for engraving.
    3. A non-CCRCA member may not take possession.

  5. Points
  6. OTCH  
    Obedience Trial Champion 200 points
    Obedience Master Title 150 points
    High In Trial (HIT) 100 points
    High Combined (Open & Utility) 75 points
    Utility Dog  
    Utility Dog Excellent title (UDX) 50 points
    Utility title (UD) 25 points
        First 20 points
        Second 15 points
        Third 10 points
        Fourth 5 points
    Companion Dog Excellent  
    Companion Dog Excellent title(CDX) 20 points
        First 15 points
        Second 10 points
        Third 5 points
        Fourth 2.5 points