Award For Outstanding Achievement In AKC Obedience Competition Trophy Rules

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. CCRCA Award For Outstanding Achievement in AKC Obedience Competition shall be the highest number of points earned from the Points Schedule in a given calendar year, with no less than three (3) qualifying scores awarded to the Curly-Coated Retriever having any placement of First through Fourth.
    2. The award consists of a plaque with a certificate given to the owner of the winning dog.
    3. The Plaque will have engraved plates attached with the winning dog and owner’s name and displayed at the CCRCA National Specialty. The certificate is to be presented to the owner at the National Specialty Awards Ceremony. In the event that the owner does not attend, the Plaque and certificate will be mailed at the CCRCA’s expense.
    4. In the event of a tie, the highest Obedience level will take precedence of the lower levels.

  2. Eligibility
    1. Any Curly-Coated Retriever registered with the American Kennel Club shall be eligible for this trophy.
    2. An animal is eligible to repeat as winner.

  3. Nomination
    1. Any person may nominate a dog for the award by submitting a list of achievements with verifiable evidence to the Records Chair by January 31.
    2. The Records Chair shall announce a call for nominations in the September/October issue of the “Curly Commentator” and any other method that will call attention to the award.
    3. The Records Chair, President and Vice-President together will make the final determination of the winner based on the Point Schedule.
    4. The Records Chair shall forward the name of the winner and it’s owner’s name to the Corresponding Secretary of the CCRCA and to the Rotating Trophy Chair by March 1. If the Nations Specialty shall be scheduled before March 15, earlier notification shall be given.

  4. Ownership
    1. The Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America, Inc owns the Plaque.
    2. A non-CCRCA member may not take possession in the event the dog is co-owned.
    3. The Plaque must be returned at the winners expense to the CCRCA Rotating Trophy Chair in good condition five weeks prior to the CCRCA National Specialty.

  5. Points
  6. OTCH  
    Obedience Trial Champion 200 points
    Obedience Master Title 150 points
    High In Trial (HIT) 100 points
    High Combined (Open & Utility) 75 points
    Utility Dog  
    Utility Dog Excellent title (UDX) 50 points
    Utility title (UD) 25 points
        First 20 points
        Second 15 points
        Third 10 points
        Fourth 5 points
    Companion Dog Excellent  
    Companion Dog Excellent title(CDX) 20 points
        First 15 points
        Second 10 points
        Third 5 points
        Fourth 2.5 points