Award For Outstanding Achievement In AKC Obedience Competition Trophy Rules

Awarded for placements and titles earned in AKC Obedience from January 1st to December 31st.

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. Any Curly-Coated Retriever belonging to any CCRCA member, in good standing with the CCRCA & AKC is eligible to win this prize.
    2. A Curly-Coated Retriever is eligible to repeat as a winner.

  2. Specifications
    1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA.
    2. The trophy will be awarded at the annual CCRCA National Specialty.
    3. The winning Curly-Coated Retriever will have its official AKC registered name with all AKC and CCRCA titles engraved on the trophy.
    4. A keeper plaque will be given to the owner of the winning Curly-Coated Retriever with the following text: CCRCA Award For Outstanding Achievement In AKC Obedience Competition Trophy, Year won, dogs AKC registered name with titles and honorifics as specified by the dog’s owner./li>
    5. All expenses for the trophy and keeper plaque (shipping & engraving) are covered by the CCRCA.
    6. If any additional plaques are requested. All costs will be at the expense of the winner. Requesting additional plaques needs to be done at the time that the engraving specifications are determined.
    7. The trophy must be returned in good condition, to the Rotating Trophy chair when asked, well before the next year’s CCRCA National Specialty.

  3. Points
  4. OTCH  
    Obedience Trial Champion 200 points
    Obedience Master Title 150 points
    High In Trial (HIT) 100 points
    High Combined (Open & Utility) 75 points
    Utility Dog  
    Utility Dog Excellent title (UDX) 50 points
    Utility title (UD) 25 points
        First 20 points
        Second 15 points
        Third 10 points
        Fourth 5 points
    Open Companion Dog Excellent  
    Companion Dog Excellent title(CDX) 20 points
        First 15 points
        Second 10 points
        Third 5 points
        Fourth 2.5 points
    Novice Companion Dog  
    Companion Dog title(CD) 15 points
        First 2.5 points
        Second 2 points
        Third 1.5 points
        Fourth 1 point

    Points will be assembled from the official AKC records by the Rotating Trophy Chairperson. CCRCA members may also submit their dog’s obedience accomplishments to the Rotating Trophy Chairperson for consideration. The Chair shall seek to verify all reported accomplishments and in doing so may ask the owner for evidence verifying the reported accomplishments.