CCRCA Best Bred-By Exhibitor Trophy Rules

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. A rotating trophy, the CCRCA Best Bred-By Exhibitor Trophy shall be awarded to the Curly-Coated Retriever who wins Best Bred-By Exhibitor at the CCRCA National Specialty.
    2. The trophy will be awarded at the annual CCRCA National Specialty.

  2. Requirements
    1. Any Curly-Coated Retriever registered with the American Kennel Club shall be eligible for this trophy.
    2. An animal is eligible to repeat as winner.
    3. If a CCRCA member, the winner will take possession of the trophy at the annual CCRCA Specialty Banquet and will return the trophy in good condition at the winner’s expense to the Rotating Trophy chairperson approximately 6 weeks before the next specialty.

  3. Responsibilities of the Rotating Trophies Committee
    1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA.
    2. A non-CCRCA member may not take possession of the trophy, but the dog’s name will be engraved on the placard.

The trophy was sponsored and commissioned by Kari Swarztrauber in memory of Madge, Tephra Amulet of Summerwind. She was the first CCR I bred under the Tephra name. At her first National Specialty, she won the Bred by Exhibitor class. She was best known for her perpetually thick Curly-coat that never lapsed even after the birth of a large litter, as well as for her elegant head and great substance. She was the finest brood bitch and she had a total of 36 healthy pups in three litters. So impressive was her health and vitality that I thought she would live forever, but she died suddenly at the age of five from GDV or bloat.