CCRCA Agility Trophy Rules

  1. Nature of the Award
    1. The CCRCA Agility trophy shall be awarded to the curly-coated retriever that receives the most points from qualifying runs and placements from recognized agility events (see section 4, Event Description) in the previous year.
    2. The trophy will be awarded at the annual specialty of the CCRCA.

  2. Eligibility
    1. Any curly-coated retriever belonging to any full or non-voting CCRCA member is eligible to win this prize.
    2. A curly-coated retriever is eligible to repeat as a winner, but only accomplishments in the appropriate calendar year shall be used to determine each year’s winner.

  3. Points
    1. The Curly-Coated Retriever earning the highest number of points during the calendar year will be the winner. Points will be awarded according to the following schedule:
    2. Qualifying legs  
      AKC Novice Regular (NA) and JWW (NAJ) (max 6) 8 points/leg
      AKC Open Regular (OA) and JWW (OAJ) (max 6) 16 points/leg
      AKC Excellent Regular (AX) and JWW (AXJ) (no max) 24 points/leg
      AKC Master Regular (MX) and JWW (MXJ) (no max) 24 points/leg
      CKC Novice (max 6) 8 points/leg
      CKC Intermediate (max 6) 16 points/leg
      CKC Excellent (max 6) 24 points/leg
      CKC Master (max 6) 24 points/leg
          First 8 points
          Second 6 points
          Third 4 points
          Fourth 2 points
      AKC MACH point (each) 1 point

      For a preferred run in AKC agility trials, count ½ the number of assigned points for the corresponding normal run and/or placement. There is no preferred class in the CKC. (Preferred legs/titles have a P after the letters, such as NAP.)

    3. Points will be assembled from the official AKC and CKC records by the Agility Trophy Chairperson or a record keeper to be designated by the CCRCA. CCRCA members may also submit their dog’s agility accomplishments to the Agility Trophy Chairperson or a designated record keeper for consideration. The Chair shall seek to verify all reported accomplishments and in doing so may ask the owner for evidence verifying the reported accomplishments.

  4. Ownership
    1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA.
    2. The trophy must be returned to the CCRCA trophy chairperson in good condition at least 4 weeks prior to the CCRCA specialty.
    3. A keeper trophy will be given to the owner of the winning curly-coated retriever.