HEALTH CERTIFICATES At one point last year we heard that Purina would require a Health Certificate for each dog entering the grounds. This is not the case. As per Purina: “Health Certificate - Purina Farms does not require to see any form of health certificate. We ask that all owners have proof of vaccines & rabies certificate in case a situation were to happen (i.e. a dog bite). You can see our Visiting Pet Guidelines on the Purina Farms Website”"

Show Chairpersons: Carolyn Curtis and Jennifer Collins
Field Chairpersons: MaryAnn Minner and Karen Alunni
Raffle/Auction: Layni Beal
Hospitality: Maureen Thompson
Emergency Coordinator: Cliff Curtis
Trophy Donations: Kathy Shifflet and Aubrey LaCrosse
Ribbons: Aubrey LaCrosse
Versatility: Aubrey LaCrosse
Logo Merchandise: Jenni Harms
Yearbook/Ad Sales/Editors: Stephanie Ayers and Jenni Harms
Performance: Andy Ayers and Dena Bream
Judges Liason: Virgina Wright
Judges Education: Mary Holkenbrink
Health Leslie Puppo

Tentative Schedule

Sunday Sept 8 - Working Certificate tests at August Busch  

Monday Sept 9 - Upland Working Certificate tests at August Busch Conservation area  

Tuesday Sept 10 - Performance day!
Agility (all-breed), Obedience, Rally and Dock Diving
Health Seminar and Hospitality Gathering  

Wednesday Sept 11 - Sweeps, Judges Ed, General Meeting  

Thursday Sept 12 - Conformation
Awards Banquet and Auction/Raffle  

Friday Sept 13 - Northern California Curly-Coated Retriever Club Regional Specialty (pending AKC approval) in conjunction with Gateway Sporting Dog Association show  

Saturday Sept 14 - Supported entries at the Three Rivers All Breed Show  

Sunday Sept 15 - Supported entries at the Three Rivers All Breed Show  

Premium Lists


Host Hotel

Our host hotel is the Hotel Holiday Inn West at Six Flags

Call 800-782-8108 and mention CCRCA as the block name. The cutoff date for the room block held for us is 8/7/24.

Standard room:
$129.95 + tax for each room with a $35 non-refundable dog fee. Limit 4 dogs per room.

Family room 189.95 + tax
For those that might want to travel with a friend, yet have some privacy), a typical family room has a room with 2 double beds and an adjoining room (connecting a door) with 1 queen.

2024 Hotel photo

In addition to the host hotel, here is a local dog-friendly lodging list:

RV Parking/Camping

RV CAMPING INFORMATION. Please read carefully, there is a lot of info in this post. Camping reservations open on February 1st. Please do not email forms before that date! Below you will find the the reservation form. Although the form says “Reservations must start no earlier than September 8”, Purina will keep some sites available for those coming in on September 7th for the field events on the 8th and 9th. Please reserve early so she can get a good count. When you make your reservation, please write on the form (next to your row preference at the bottom) that you are with the Curly Coated Retriever club and Purina will try to group us all together in the full service RV lot. Keep in mind that your rig size will somewhat dictate which row you can be in.
Click here for the reservation form

If you have any questions, please ask Carolyn - or check this Facebook Page (2024 CCRCAA National Specialty - Purina Farms). In addition, here are links to the Purina Farms property map, full service RV lot map, and overnight RV camping guidelines and local trailer rentals. Please also read these carefully before reserving your site. THE LINK TO THE RV MAP IS NOT WORKING on Purina’s site. Until they fix that, I have copied the map for you below.

Local RV and trailer rentals:

RV lot property map:

Full service event center RV lot map:

Overnight RV lot camping guidelines:

RV map

Health Clinic