CCR Rescue Funding and Fees


Donations are always welcome at any time. CCRCA Rescue and Referral money will be solicited with the Club’s annual dues mailing by the CCRCA Treasurer and will be collected on a voluntary basis. An annual CCRCA R&R fund-raiser will be held in conjunction with the yearly CCRCA Specialty show weekend, if possible, and this fund-raiser will be advertised through the CURLY COMMENTATOR. Money collected will be assigned to the CCRCA Rescue and Referral funds accounting system by the CCRCA Treasurer who will publish these records annually at least in the CURLY COMMENTATOR. CCRCA Rescue and Referral funds will be used toward the direct cost of rescuing and referring dogs by the CCRCA, for public education, as start up funds for the annual CCRCA Rescue and Referral fund-raisers, and as reimbursement for conducting CCRCA Rescue and Referral business. All requests for reimbursement require original dated receipts and/or documentation and are sent to the CCRCA Rescue Chairperson who verifies and submits reimbursement requests to the Club Treasurer.

Donations for CCR Rescue

via Paypal

or by check made out to "CCRCA", place "Rescue" in memo line
mail to: CCRCA Treasurer, 510 W. Harrison Street, Maumee, OH 43537-9267

CCRCA Rescue & Referral Adoption Fee Schedule

Rescue: 3 months to 6 years $150
Rescue: 7+ years $100
Referral: any age $100
(Refundable upon receipt of proof of spay/neuter for a CCR adopted from a pet owner. This fee may be waived if there are excessive transportation costs.)
An installment payment plan for adoption fees may be arranged in such cases where the adopting family has paid a substantial amount for transportation or equipment, such as an airline kennel, yard fencing, or other materials required to meet the special needs of an adopted CCR.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to support the care and placement of a CCRCA Rescue CCR includes, but is not limited to, shelter adoption fees, standard vet care, spaying or neutering, supplies, and transportation to a foster home. Financial aide in the placement of a CCRCA Referral CCR includes reimbursement of the new owner’s donation for neutering/spaying an intact CCR adopted from a pet owner. Any other requests for financial assistance are subject to approval on a case by case basis and require a vote of the CCRCA R&R committee. A simple majority is required to approve such requests.