Recording Secretary


The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all matters of the club and of the Board, and all matters of which shall be ordered by the club. The Recording Secretary shall assume the duties of the Corresponding Secretary in his/her absence until the position is filled. He or she shall keep a roll of the members of the club with their addresses, and carry out such other duties as are prescribed in the By-laws.


  1. Take minutes at all meetings and Board meetings.

  2. Make copies of breed information packet for mailing to inquirers and respond to all inquiries concerning the Curly-Coated Retriever with an information packet about the breed. Include in the packet an updated Breeder’s list and a list and description of all rescue and referral Curlies with whom to contact for more information.

  3. Keep records of all signed and dated CCRCA Breeder’s List Requirements documents.

  4. Forward requests for membership applications to the membership chair (who then responds with an application, a copy of the Constitution and By-laws, current Board policies and motions to each inquirer).

  5. Keep forms and rules for all Working Certificate tests and Register of Merit and send upon request.

  6. Keep a current membership list and make copies available to all members upon request.

  7. Mail all monies for the CCRCA, collected in the name of the club, to the Treasurer at the end of each month.

  8. Send to the Commentator editor for publication in each issue, a report of all breed inquiries responded to.

  9. Compile an annual report of all activities of the Recording Secretary for the club year.