Division Director


The Division Director serves as a liaison to keep club members informed about and involved in club business.


  1. Represent members living in one geographic Division of the CCRCA.

  2. Write a letter of greeting to new division members telling them about the CCRCA and regional clubs.

  3. Act as a liaison between the Division members and the Board, helping with questions, ideas and complaints from Division members. When needed, referring items to the Board for additional help.

  4. Encourage all types of Curly activities in the Division and disseminate information about specific Curly events.

  5. Participate in Board of Directors club business, discussing issues and voting on each Motion.

  6. Provide bi-monthly reports of CCRCA member activities with their Curly-Coated Retrievers. By the 10th day of each odd month, submit a Division Report to the current editor of the CCRCA Commentator, to be published in that month's issue.

  7. Submit a written annual Division report and present (or submit to be presented) at the annual CCRCA General Membership meeting.

  8. Maintain 5 years of records of correspondence between the Division Director and the club, and pass said records to the Division Director who succeeds them. Records include copies of the Constitution and By-laws, history of Motions, current Division member's contact information, correspondence with the Division, and anything else deemed important to orienting the incoming Director.

  9. Find volunteers and submit names annually for the nominating committee, which will be responsible for filling Board positions whose terms will be expiring. Nominating committee candidates’ names are to be sent to the Secretary by July 1 of each year.

  10. Poll Division members to elect a Specialty Chairperson three years in advance of the Division’s hosting a National Specialty; in addition, solicit suggestions for a primary and secondary date and location for the Specialty.

  11. Send an invitation to the CCRCA Member’s only site to new members in your division and notify if a member moves from one division to another