Corresponding Secretary


The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence as directed by the CCRCA Board, notify officers and directors of their election to office, keep a roster of the members of the club and addresses, and carry out such duties as are prescribed in the By-laws. The Corresponding Secretary shall assume the duties of the Recording Secretary in his/her absence until the position is filled.


  1. To take care of internal CCRCA club correspondence.

  2. To make a bi-monthly report to the Board.

  3. To accept all motions made to the CCRCA and to send such motions to the Board members in the bi-monthly mailing.

  4. To record votes and comments and to present them to the Board on all motions.

  5. To keep records of all on-going motions and policies and compile a list at the end of each club year.

  6. To cause to have published in the Commentator all motions voted on, all motions for which membership input is requested prior to voting for the Board (as determined by the Corresponding Secretary) and all other club business for the general membership's information regarding CCRCA internal business.

  7. To mail all moneys for the CCRCA to the Treasurer at the end of each month collected in the name of the club.

  8. To compile an annual report.

  9. To forward to the Commentator editor and website committee chairperson a new roster of Board of Director contact information following each election.