Show Plans Committee


The Show Plans Committee acts as a resource and assists CCRCA show chairpersons with organizing and holding the CCRCA annual National event. It is the goal of the committee to ensure that all Nationals run as smoothly and efficiently as possible and not exceed the initial budgets set forth by the current year Show committee.

Provide information and assistance to National Show committees and offer guidance when necessary.


  1. To fulfill the fiduciary obligations required of all Board members and to act in the best interest of the CCRCA while upholding the Constitution and By-Laws and working to fulfill the Club’s objectives.

  2. To submit to the Board by July 1, a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 1st half.

  3. To submit to the Board by Feb. 1, names of each committee member, goals for the upcoming year, and a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 2nd half.

  4. Ensure the club website lists correct information on committee members.

  5. The Show Plans Committee chair shall distribute the manual to those members who request a copy. A hard copy may be mailed at the CCRCA’s expense or an electronic copy may be sent via the internet.

  6. An annual budget shall be submitted to the Treasurer.

  7. In the event that a Division Show Committee is at a stand-still or cannot come to an agreement on location, judges, or date of a National, the Show Plans Committee will make a recommendation to the Board for approval.

  8. The Show Plans Committee will review the manual annually to make sure any and all updates have been included.

  9. Help plan and organize the Specialty event held at Purina Farms every 5th year; 2019, 2024, 2029, 2034, etc. Make recommendations to the Board for a Show Chairperson for this every 5th year event.