Rotating Trophies Committee


The Curly Coated Retriever Club of America recognizes the high achievement in AKC and club events by awarding a number of rotating trophies each calendar year. The Rotating Trophy committee is to collect and compile information on an annual basis to determine the qualifying winners of each award/trophy.


  1. To fulfill the fiduciary obligations required of all Board members and to act in the best interest of the CCRCA while upholding the Constitution and By-Laws and working to fulfill the Club’s objectives.

  2. To submit to the Board by July 1, a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 1st half.

  3. To submit to the Board by Feb. 1, names of each committee member, goals for the upcoming year, and a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 2nd half.

  4. To collect and compile all necessary points/records/titles on an annual basis within the guidelines required for the awarding of a trophy/award.

  5. To present all current trophies/awards at the annual CCRCA Specialty Banquet.

  6. To arrange for the transportation and engraving of each trophy/plaque.

  7. To maintain a record of the winners of each trophy/award.