Field Committee


The Field Committee shall encourage field work and improved field performance by Curly-Coated Retrievers through a program of working certificate test, by serving as a clearing house for information on field work, and in such other ways as will encourage more people to do field work with Curlies.


  1. To fulfill the fiduciary obligations required of all Board members and to act in the best interest of the CCRCA while upholding the Constitution and By-Laws and working to fulfill the Club’s objectives.

  2. To submit to the Board by July 1, a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 1st half.

  3. To submit to the Board by Feb. 1, names of each committee member, goals for the upcoming year, and a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 2nd half.

  4. The committee shall periodically review the CCRCA’s working certificate program and recommend whatever changes are deemed necessary to make it more effective. Through oversight and review, it shall be responsible for assuring the soundness and efficacy of the certificate program and whatever other field- related programs as may be established by the CCRCA.

  5. The committee shall evaluate proposals related to fieldwork by Curlies that are sent to it by the board, its own member, or others and shall make recommendations to the board for action thereon as it deems appropriate.

  6. The committee shall encourage increased individual and group activities in the field in all parts of the country and, toward that end, shall strive to maintain a geographical balance of membership and to consider varying local conditions and needs in its deliberations.

  7. Individual committee members shall strive to encourage fieldwork in their own area and shall keep the committee Chair informed of developments there.

  8. The committee shall serve as a source of information and advice for those seeking to encourage field related activities for Curlies in their area and as a general clearing house for the CCRCA for information on field related topics.

  9. The committee shall, through regular reports in the “Curly Commentator” and such other outlets as are deemed appropriate, seek to keep both the membership of the CCRCA and larger world of retrieverdom informed on field related issues as they pertain to Curlies.

  10. The Field Committee Chair shall be responsible for Section G. Administration, paragraphs 1-8, pages 5-6 of the CCRCA Working Certificate Rules, Revised 2001.

  11. The Field Committee Chair shall be responsible for Section IV, Responsibilities of the Field Committee Chair, paragraphs 1-4 and Section V, Points, paragraph 4, pages 1-3 of the CCRCA’s “The Sarona Jacob of Marvadel & Sarona Sam of Marvadel Memorial Field Trophy Award”, 2000 Revised Rules.