Archives Committee


The Archives Committee preserves materials to be held by the Club permanently.


  1. To fulfill the fiduciary obligations required of all Board members and to act in the best interest of the CCRCA while upholding the Constitution and By-Laws and working to fulfill the Club’s objectives.

  2. To submit to the Board by July 1, a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 1st half.

  3. To submit to the Board by Feb. 1, names of each committee member, goals for the upcoming year, and a bi-annual report of accomplishments for 2nd half.

  4. Collect, catalog and preserve any/all materials that the club members believe should be kept permanently by the CCRCA.

  5. Maintain the materials in a safe and orderly (systematic) manner.

  6. Make the materials available for individuals for use in Club Board-approved projects.

  7. Whenever feasible, make the materials available for individuals’ perusal on the premises or for use in the Club newsletter.

  8. Coordinate with the Board of Directors and Web Committee to make archived materials available on the Club website, as far as possible.