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Mission Statement

CCRCA Rescue & Referral is dedicated to placing or assisting with the placement of any CCR in need of a home and to finding an appropriate, good home where the CCR will be lovingly cared for and appreciated and where the CCR will enjoy a quality of life befitting the breed.

Available Rescue CCRs will always take priority over Referral CCRs. Dogs that an owner or breeder has made available on a "free to a good home" basis are eligible for referral status. No CCRs whose owner or breeder is selling the dog or asking for payment, barter, or income of any kind will be eligible.

Rescue CCRs: dogs in immediate danger, dogs in shelters, displaced, abandoned or stray dogs, dogs in temporary foster homes, personal emergency situations, any dogs that cannot stay in their present homes, any dogs that are victims of inhumane treatment.

Referral CCRs: unwanted dogs living with their owners in non-emergency settings, dogs returned to their breeders, all other free of all charge dog referrals.

Procedures and Policies
Funding and Fees

Rescue Contacts

Sheila Callahan-Young - Ph. 978.281.3860

Stephanie Ayers - Ph. 469.231.9146

Please consider adopting one of these Curlies in need and/or pass this information along to anyone who may be able to provide a good home.
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At this time we have no RESCUE and no REFERRAL (re-homing) curlies available for adoption. Please continue to check this site as dogs become available unexpectedly. (August 26, 2019)
Please consider adopting one of these Curlies who needs your help and/or pass this information along to anyone who may be able to provide a good home.

Update: AUGUST 2019  FISCHER:  We are pleased to announce that Fischer has found his new forever home with a curly loving family in Pittsburg.

Fischer is a 5 year old, 95 pound, black, neutered, male curly coated retriever. He knows commands "sit" and "shake" and patiently waits until told to eat his food. Fischer is in the Rochester NY area. He is microchipped, rarely barks, up-to-date on shots and currently being cared for by relatives of his original family. They love him but cannot keep him. We all are looking for the right forever home for Fischer. A calm and quiet "adults only" home in a quiet neighborhood would be ideal. Fischer needs a walking companion who can give him the attention and belly rubs he desires. To learn more about Fischer contact Sheila Callahan-Young at or 978-281-3860.

None at this time.

Please consider adopting one of the rescue or referral dogs who need your help and/or pass this information along to anyone who may be able to provide a good home. Many of our members have single dogs and we encourage you to think about adopting a second dog as companion to your lone curly. Two are often better (and easier) than one! Thank you.

The CCRCA Rescue Memorial Plaques are on display at the National Specialty each year. If you wish to engrave the name of your or a friend’s Curly, please contact Sheila Callahan-Young - Ph 978.281.3860 or . Donations benefit CCRCA Rescue.