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Hall of Fame Eligiblity Requirements

  1. Must have finished an AKC Championship
  2. Must have a CCRCA WC, AKC JH, or NAHRA SR, or have placed or JAM'd an AKC licensed field trial.
  3. Must have a CD from the US, Canada, or Mexico
Must have accumulated at least 20 but no more than 50 points from titled offspring, per the ROM scale. Plus points can be earned when offspring have Group wins, High in Trials or field trial placements/Jams - 10 points per dog, in addition to above points. No more than 70 points total from produce.

An applicataion must be made to the receive the honor. Contact the CCRCA Records Keeper* for more information. *Postition not currently filled

The dog can personally accumulate points based on the following:

Conformation Points
Championship 10  
Group wins
Group placements
5 each up to 15 points total
Best in Show 10 points one time total
Best of Breed at a Specialty 10  
The dog can therefore win up to 45 points based on its show career.

Field Points
WC 5  
WCX 10  
WCQ 15  
AKC SH, or NAHRA WR 10  
AKC MH, or NAHRA MHR 15 each  
Licensed field trial placement, or JAM 15 each 30 points maximum
The dog can therefore win up to 90 points based on its field career.

Obedience Points

CD 5  
CDX 5  
UD 10  
TD 5  
TDX 5  
OTCh 15  
Win or placement in class 5 points each up to 15 total
High in Trial, or High Combined 10 points each, up to 20 total
The dog can therefore win up to 80 points based on its obedience career.

Total Points Required
                                    Male       100 pts.
                                    Female      80 pts.

There must be points from each of the four areas, though petitions for dogs who have been unable to fulfill all areas but have had outstanding careers will be considered by the Board.

Inclusion in the Hall of Fame is automatic and owners of eligible dogs will receive a verification form when their dog is eligible. All dogs achieving the Hall of Fame will have a picture and writeup in the Curly Commentator and the owners will receive a small plaque.