Note from Maija Päivärinta about the Seizure Database (CCR Club of Finland)

The breeding committee of CCR Club of Finland has decided to send the list everyone who is interested in curlies. The reason why the list is note on our web site is that we would like to point few things to receivers:

The list is not meant to be "black list" of epileptic curlies. We cannot be 100 % sure if every dog has the idiopathic epilepsy. This is the difficulty of epilepsy and the weakest point of the list: it is very difficult to know when epilepsy is idiopathic or not. The seizures can be caused by several other reasons too. I am afraid there are dogs on the list but they don't have idiopathic epilepsy (for example the dogs which have had only one seizure long time ago).

Despite possibility of errors I think it is good to have those unclear cases also on the list too. Otherwise it could be too difficult to define who should be on the list and who should not. That's the reason why it is important to have a column on the list where dog's illness can be described.

The list doesn't say that you must not use this or that animal or its relatives for breeding or anything like this, it is just for information. It is always better to know about illnesses, it is the only way to avoid it when breeding dogs. The idea of the list is to give information about epilepsy in curlies. Sharing information is the only way how we can decrease the illness by breeding in our population.

The dogs have been divided into three different categories according to where the information has come. Owner's & breeder's announcements are the main sources of the list. The category "Miscellaneous" includes information reported by other source than the owner or breeder, but it is still reliable. If the information about the illness has come from both the owner and the breeder, it is listed only in the category reported by owner.

The list is saved as Excel sheet so it is easier to sort by different ways. If you have any questions or more information about epileptic curlies or curlies with epileptic seizures, don't hesitate to send me an email. Every piece of new information is more than important.

Best regards,