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Rules for: The Charwin Diver Down Versatility Trophy

A photo collage of Ch. Charwin Diver Down
Named for
GMHR,Am/Can/CACIB/Mex Ch, OTCh Charwin Diver Down,

Nature of the Award
  1. As evidenced by his many titles, GMHR, Am/Can/FCI/Mex Ch, OTCh Charwin Diver Down, UDX3,Can UD, ASCA/Mex/UKC CDX, RE, OA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, WCQ, SH, HR, ROMX, HOF, CGC, CGN was a dog of extraordinary and varied accomplishments. This Versatility Trophy is offered in honor of Diver's accomplishments.
  2. The CCRCA Versatility trophy is awarded to the Curly-Coated Retriever who demonstrates versatility through a career of achievement in various disciplines as detailed below.
  3. When the trophy is earned, it will be acknowledged at the National Specialty in the year it is awarded and in the appropriate issue of The Commentator.
  4. This award consists of a commemorative trophy with a permanent plaque to each winner.
  1. Any Curly-Coated Retriever registered with the American Kennel Club shall be eligible for this trophy, provided the dog’s owner is a member in good standing with the AKC and the CCRCA.
  1. Any person may nominate any eligible animal, including his or her own, for consideration for this award.
  2. Nominations for the award shall be made in writing to the Rotating Trophies chair and shall be accompanied by a list of the accomplishments responsible for the animal being nominated.
  3. Nominations can be submitted at any time once the requirements have been completed.
  1. This trophy will be awarded when an individual Curly-Coated Retriever has accumulated 500 points in the prescribed combination.
Points shall be awarded according to the following schedule.
Except where noted, competition must take place in the United States or Canada.
5-10 Point Level
Major wins and BOB (must be a major in class competition or 4 or more specials to qualify) 5 points each
Novice obedience, novice agility, and rally novice legs 5 points each
JH (or Beginning NAHRA or HRC tests) 5 points each pass
WC 5 points
Title for any of the above 10 points
10-15 Point Level
Group 2, 3, or 4 placement 10 points each
Open obedience, open agility and rally advanced and excellent legs 10 points each
SH (or Intermediate NAHRA or HRC tests) 10 points each pass
WCX 10 points
Title for any of the above 15 points
15-20 Point Level
Group 1 20 points
Utility obedience, excellent agility and rally advanced/excellent legs 15 points each
MH (or Advanced NAHRA or HRC tests) 15 points each pass
WCQ 15 points
Title for any of the above 20 points
50 Point Level
Best in Show 50 points
Obedience High in Trial 50 points each
25-60 Point Level
Master National, NAHRA "RAW" or HRC Grand Hunt pass 25 points
Grand Master Hunter, (GRMH), Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH) title 30 points
AKC or CKC licensed trial Derby placement or JAM 15 points
AKC or CKC licensed trial Qualifying placement or JAM 20 points
AKC or CKC licensed trial Open placement or JAM 30 points
AKC or CKC field title (FC, AFC, FTCH, AFTCH) 50 points
National Field Champion (NFC), National Amateur Field Champion (NAFC) 60 points
Foreign Championships and Obedience Titles
Bench championships earned outside of U.S. and Canada 10 points
Obedience titles earned outside of U.S. and Canada 10 points
  2. There is no specific timeframe for completion of the requirements.
The trophy will be awarded when 500 points have been earned.
All names will appear on the permanent trophy.
Each dog will be honored with an individual trophy.
This is not a rotating trophy and will not be passed from winner to winner as it may be years between it being awarded.
It will be displayed each year at the National Specialty.
  3. Only 20% of points (100 points) can come from conformation.
  4. Only 40% of points (200 points) can come from field events.
  5. Only 40% of points (200 points) can come from performance events (obedience, agility, rally).
  6. Points are cumulative; that is, an animal may earn points for each pass toward a JH and on top of that the points for completing the title itself.
  7. Points awarded for WC, WCX, or WCQ must be earned by having qualified at a stand alone WC test offered by the CCRCA or any other retriever breed club.
Responsibilities of the Rotating Trophies Committee
  1. The Rotating Trophies committee shall review nominations, seek to verify all reported accomplishments, and determine winner by using the rules in this motion.
  2. The Rotating Trophies committee chair shall forward all information acquired to the person in charge of the club's awards by March 1.
  3. The Rotating Trophies committee shall arrange for getting the trophy engraved and a plaque shipped to the winner(s).
  1. The trophy is owned by the CCRCA.