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2019 Specialty Mugs - Limited Edition

Our first order was sold out, however, we have been able to order a few additional mugs to satisfy orders which were on a waiting list. Use this page to pay using PayPal for your mug.

2019 Specialty Mug - Pottery 2019 Fields logo
Artwork on mug's side
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Custom made in the U.S.A. pottery mugs are now available to reserve. These mugs are safe to
use for eating, drinking and other daily uses. They are 100% lead free from clay to glaze. They
are officially FDA and California Prop. 65 compliant.

We are ordering 60 mugs though the vendor may supply that amount +/- 10%.
Reservations will be taken for 54 mugs and there will be a waiting list for up to 12 more.
Download the reservation form here
Update, Aug.14 We have been able to order a few more to fulfill additional requests for mugs.

Limit of 2 mugs per household.

Please note 3% is added to each ad to cover the fee PayPal charges for processing your order.


The 2019 Specialty Mug

For Logo Wear, we have a vendor who hosts those items on their website. For instructions on how to place and order there, please go to the page linked here

The logo wear vendor's page is here


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