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Trophy Sponsor

Deadline is June 10, 2017

Thank you for supporting the 2017 Specialty by sponsoring a trophy award. We will keep the list updated, but in case someone gets in before your choice, please make a second choice on the form which follows.

CLICK HERE to see the list of awards available for sponsorship.

Please use the DONATE button below to use PayPal, where you can designate the amount of your donation.

As you probably already know a fee will be deducted from your donation for bank and PayPal fees, generally around 3%. Please consider adding a little extra for the convenience of using your credit/debt card for payment.

If you wish to sponsor a specific award please notice, immediately below the box for your donation amount is a note "Please advise the Event/Class (Sponsor)," click the plus (+) and write your first choice, and two alternatives, in the event your first choice has already been chosen. If sponsoring more that one event or class, separate the events with a semi colon.

For those preferring the old fashioned way, download the form HERE and mail a check to the Trophy Chairman.

Either way we greatly appreciate you generous help in making the Specialty a success!

Thanks again for your help we could not put on this show without your help!

Questions? Please email , our Trophy Chair.