And the Winners Are...

This list of Curly Best in Show winners was initially compiled for the Curly Commentator, based on information from Doris Hodges, John Heyn, Mary Meek, Susan Chow, John Mello, Yvonne Cooper, Michelle McGroarty and others, as well as extensive research of available records. It was officially verified by the AKC Records Department in October 2011. Please send any updates to Mary Kay Morel at

Note:  Judges are listed in the following order: BIS/Sporting/Breed

1. BIS BISS Ch Summerwind’s Charles Dickens,
     Call Name: “Charlie”
     Color/Sex: Liver Male
    DOB: 7/13/1987 DOD: 1991
Doris Hodges & Sandra Jaremczuk
Sue Tokolics & D. Wales
Best in Show:
8/27/1989 - Mid Susquehanna Valley K.C., Inc. – Middleburg, PA
(894 dogs)
Council Parker/ A.E. Maurer, Jr/ Council Parker

Photo of Titan
2. BIS MBISS Ch Karakul Titan, ROM

     Call Name: “Titan”      Color/Sex: Black/Male     DOB: 11/20/1986 DOD: 1999
     Breeder(s): Sheila Anderson     Owner: John Mello
Best in Show:
03/12/1994 – Greater Savannah – Beaufort, SC
(846 Dogs)
Ed R. Sledzik/ Bob Humphrey/ Bob Humphrey

MBIS Mayhem's Gentlemen's Agreement, ROMX
3. MBIS Ch Mayhem’s Gentlemen’s Agreement, ROMX

     Call Name: “Baron”
     Color/Sex: Black/Male
1/17/1994 DOD: 2007
     Breeder: MaryAlice Hembree
     Owner: Jane Anderson
(2) Best in Shows:
10/29/1995 – Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club - Fargo, ND
(342 dogs)
BIS: F.W. McCoy /Dr. Robert Smith/Dr. Robert Smith

05/12/1996 – Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club - Cambridge, MN
(1,259 dogs)
Dr. Ronald I. Spritzer/ Lester Mapes/ Lester Mapes

4. BIS Ch Ptarmigan Groovin’

     Call Name: Gilligan
     Color/Sex: Black/Male
     DOB: 09/21/1999 DOD: N/A
     Breeder: Janean Marti
     Owner: Janean Marti
(1) Best in Show:
07/14/2001 – Kishwaukee Kennel Club, Inc. – Belvidere, IL
(974 dogs)
Ken A. Buxton / Mrs. D. Kodner/ Mrs. D. Kodner

Rebel - Fairway It's My Party

5. MBIS, MBISS, SR Ch Fairway It's My Party, JH, WCX, CGC, ROM
     Call name: “Rebel”
    DOB: 1/1/1999 DOD: 2011
     Breeder: Kim Kiernan
    Owner: Susan Chow
(4) Best in Shows:
10/05/2001 – San Luis Obispo K.C., San Luis Obispo, CA
(457 dogs)
Dana P. Cline / Elliot Weiss / Judith Goodin

03/31/2002 - Kern County K.C., Bakersfield, CA
(1,284 dogs)
Carolyn Herbel/ Virginia Lyne/ Dick Webb

3/30/2003 - Kern County K.C., Bakersfield, CA
(1,388 dogs)
John Rowles/ Paula Nykiel / Jane Roppolo

07/12/2003 - Portland Kennel Club, Portland, OR
(2,177 dogs)
Kent Delaney/ Paula Nykiel / Pete Dawkins

BIS Ch Kurly Kreek Marshall Dillon Boyerie, WC, TDI, CGC "Dillon"Dillion
6. BIS Ch Kurly Kreek Marshall Dillon Boyerie, WC, TDI, CGC

     Call name: “Dillon”
     Color/Sex: Black/Male
    DOB: 3/4/1997 DOD: 2009
     Breeder(s): Scott & Kathy Shifflett
     Owner(s): George & Yvonne Cooper
Best in Show:
01/26/2002 – Greater Orange Park Dog Club, Inc. – Starke, FL

(894 dogs)
Alan Addicott / Marjorie Martorella / Marjorie Martorella



photo of Curlew7. MBIS BISS Ch Riverwatch Southern Cross, RN, CGC

     Call name: “Curlew”
     Color/Sex: Black/Male
     DOB: 10/01/2001 DOD: N/A
     Breeder(s): Gary & Mary Meek & John Mello
     Owner(s): Gary & Mary Meek & Conrad & Ann Clippert
(5) Best in Shows: (click photo to see add. images)
01/29/2005 – Park Shore Kennel Club – Grayslake, IL

(1,236 dogs)
Mrs. Robert D. Smith / Dr. Klaus Anselm/ Dr. Klaus Anselm

09/11/2005 – Pontiac Kennel Club – Davisburg, MI
(565 dogs)
Richard Beauchamp/ Douglas Johnson/ Douglas Johnson

10/23/2005 – Battle Creek Kennel Club – Marshall, MI
(814 dogs)
Dr. Ronald I. Spritzer/ Arley Hussin / Arley Hussin

04/02/2006 - Clinton Iowa Kennel Club – De Witt, IA
(901 dogs)
Mrs. Robert D. Smith / KeKe Kahn / KeKe Kahn

04/16/2006 – Steel City Kennel Club – Crown Point, IN
(985 dogs)
Kent Delaney / Michelle Billings / Michelle Billings

8. BIS Ch Gladrags Original Buttonfly
     Call Name:
     Color/Sex: Black/Male
    DOB: 1/13/2006 DOD: N/A
     Breeder(s): R. Nelson & L. Holton & R. Cataldo
      & M. McGroarty
     Owner(s): Robert Cataldo & Michele McGroarty
Best in Show:
08/16/2008 – Tioga County K.C. – Oswego, NY
(613 dogs)
Col. Jerry H. Weiss / Douglas Windsor / Col. Jerry H. Weiss

Picture of MBIS MBISS Ch Pizzazz Trigger, TDI, CGC
9. MBIS MBISS Ch Pizzazz Trigger, TDI, CGC

     Call Name: “Trigger” Color/Sex: Black/Male
    DOB: 9/28/2003 DOD: N/A
     Breeder: Iris Andre
     Owner(s): Iris Andre and Sammie &
    Colleen McDowell
(2) Best in Shows:
05/24/2009 – Tanana Valley K.C. – Fairbanks, AK
(331 dogs)
Linda C. More / Loraine Boutwell / Loraine Boutwell

5/30/2010 – Tanana Valley K.C. – Fairbanks, AK
(381 dogs)
Denise Cornelssen/ Cindy Vogels/ Cindy Vogels

Photo of Thriller 2012

10. BIS BISS GCH Down DaTrail Hunting Thrills, CD
       Call Name: “Thriller” Color/Sex: Black/Male
      DOB: 1/30/2005 DOD: N/A
       Breeder: D. Akins/U. Akins
       Owner(s): Suzanne Macre/Dennis Akins
(1) Best in Show:
01/15/2012 – Ashtabula K.C. – Hamburg, NY
(865 dogs)
Gregory A. Anderson/Rita Bell/Gregroy A. Anderson

Picture of MBIS MBISS Ch Pizzazz Trigger, TDI, CGC
11. BIS Am GCH/AUS CH Sun Devil I've Got A Feeling For Cudyncae
     Call Name:
“Stewart”      Color/Sex: Liver/Male
10/5/2009 DOD: N/A
Jennifer & Grace Kofron 
A Eales & J & G Kofron
(1) Best in Shows:
05/24/2015 – Illinois Valley Kennel Club of Peoria– Peoria, IL
(665 dogs)
Mrs Sue Goldberg / Mrs Sue Goldberg / Mrs. Kitty Steidel

Picture of MBIS MBISS Ch Pizzazz Trigger, TDI, CGC
12. BIS BISS CH Kurly Kreek Hudson's Mayhem
       Call Name:
“Hudson”        Color/Sex: Black/Male
10/17/2007 DOD: N/A
Mary K. Shifflett and
          Scott Shifflett 
(1) Best in Show:
10/16/2016 – Tri-Star Kennel Club of Williamson County, Tennessee
(570 dogs)
Ms. Claudia J. Seaberg/Ms. Linda L. Robey/Ms. Mary Holkenbrink