2012 National Specialty
"Curlies Rock In Cleveland"

will be held
September 12-15th,
at the Embassy Suites, Beachwood, Ohio (OK, near Cleveland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!)

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The Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America

Position Description: Director At-large

The purpose of the position of Director at Large is to provide an alternative avenue for discussion between CCRCA members of all divisions; to provide representation for those members at Board of Director (BOD) meetings and to support other BOD members in various tasks. To participate in Board of Directors club business, discussing issues and voting on each Motion.
>> Two-year term, beginning with a start date as outlined by the Constitution & Bylaws.
>> Must have been a CCRCA member in good standing for at least the previous two years.
1 To promote and maintain an open avenue of communication between CCRCA members and the BOD.