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A Colossal event, a concatenation of Curlies congregating in California in a crazy Kaleidoscope of activities, a canvas of Curlies, capturing fowl and ribbons, catching compliments, commendations, citations and crowns! Coached by connoisseurs of the breed, collaborating on conditioning, calisthenics, comic capers, collecting cherished cups and crowns, competing to conquer, counting the awards, cultivating new relationships, conferring with colleagues and comrades and cheerfully coming to a conclusion.

Hope to see you all there for the Colossal Congregation!

Date: September 27 - October 2nd, 2015
Sacramento, California

Show Chairperson:
Agility: TBD
Field: Pamela King
Judges Liason:
Public & Press relations, Promotions, Social Media
Educational Seminar:
Hospitality: TBD
Trophies and Ribbons: and
T-Shirts/Logo Items: Trevor and Sammie Lewis
Banquet/meals, Raffle, and Auction: and
Catalogs/Ad Sales: TBD
Emergency Preparedness:
Judges Education:
Show Secretary: MBF


Day 1 (Sept. 27) – Sunday - Agility

Day 2 (Sept. 28) – Monday - Field

Day 3 (Sept. 29) – Tuesday - Upland and Field Dinner

Day 4 (Sept. 30) – Wednesday -

  • Rally, Obedience, Rally,
  • Health Clinics/Education,
  • NCCCRC Welcome event

Day 5 (Oct. 1) – Thursday -

  • Sweeps & Jr. and Specialty (NCCCRC),
  • Fun event with Curlies,
  • Board & General Meeting
  • Judges Ed

Day 6 (Oct. 2) – Friday -

  • Sweeps & Jr. and Specialty (CCRCA),
  • Fun event with Curlies,
  • CCRCA Banquet

Day 7 (Oct. 3) – Saturday - Donner Trail KC, Roseville, Supported Entry

Day 8 (Oct. 4) -- Sunday - Donner Trail KC, Roseville, Supported Entry 

Host Hotel and Show Location:
Lions Gate Hotel
3410 Westover Street
 North Highlands (Sacramento)
McClellan, California 95652
Phone: 866-258-5651


Ample parking for cars, RVs, and motorcoaches

Obedience and Rally: Alvin Eng (CCRCA) and Cathy Dutra (NCCCRC)
Puppy, Veteran & Gundog Sweepstakes: Mary Meek (CCRCA) and Milan Hess (NCCCRC)
Conformation (Regular and Non-Regular): Pluis Davern (CCRCA) and Shiela Polk (NCCCRC)
Junior Showmanship: Pluis Davern (CCRCA) and Shiela Polk (NCCCRC)
All-Breed Agility: TBD
WC,WCX, WCQ, and Upland: Sarah Shull and Rick Kail

Field Location:


Health Clinics:


Trophy Donations: